My name is Elisabeth ans I am a Herb Deva. My areas of expertise are trauma, stress and the endocrine system. I am the link between you and the herbs, where the herbs help you become the best version of you, to remember your connection with nature, that you are a part of nature, and that nature is a part of you. Herbs can help the body to heal and to come into balance. All medicinal herbs have healing abilities; they strengthen, cleanse and protect, but above all the medicinal herbs help the body to relax. They activate the calmness and serenity that make healing possible. My own path to herbal wisdom has been a bumpy one. You can read more about my journey on the "About Herb Deva" page. There you can also read about how I cured HPV and cell changes on the cervix with herbs, medicinal mushrooms, healing and meditation.

I am a trained herbal and nutritional therapist and I provide advice and guidance to relieve discomfort and to help your body to better health and balance. I mainly work on finding the cause of your problem and not treating symptoms, therefore all treatments are always individually adapted and it can take different people a different amount of time to find healing and balance. I also offer individual treatment and counseling via telephone or zoom. Together with the herbs, you can dissolve emotional blocks, see through programming and old beliefs, and relieve physical symptoms. You get the opportunity to live the life you want to live, and to be the person you are meant to be.


Herbs for stomach/intestines

Herbs can help with IBS, gastritis, acid reflux, intestinal inflammation, leaky gut, intestinal pouches, hemorrhoids, bloated stomach, cramping, gas, diarrhea, constipation, parasites, dysentery, worms, fungus, ulcerative colitis, chrons.

Herbs for the skin

Herbs can help with eczema, atopic eczema, seborrhea, psoriasis, rosacea, acne.

Herbs for the liver and detoxification

Herbs can help with liver strain, hepatitis, cirrhosis, detoxification.

Herbs for stress, anxiety, worry and for recovery

Herbs can help with stress, adrenal fatigue, brain fatigue, anxiety, panic attacks, worry, fear, overworked nervous system, kneading, poor memory, concentration problems. Read more here.

Herbs for pain and inflammation

Herbs can help with headaches, nerve pain, joint pain, muscle pain, period pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatism, gout, osteoarthritis, tennis elbow, swelling.

Herbs for the immune system and for allergies

Herbs can help with colds, fevers, flu, ear infections, viral infections, sore throats, allergies, intolerances, autoimmune diseases. Read more here.

Herbs for libido and lust for life

Herbs can help with reduced sex drive, impotence, dry mucous membranes.

Herbs for hormonal balance

Herbs can help with pms, mood swings, pcos, endometriosis, menopause, cramps, period pain, irregular periods, missed periods, heavy bleeding, hormonal acne, urinary tract infection, fibroids, cysts, hpv, cell changes, infertility, prostate enlargement, male pattern baldness.

Herbs for fatigue and sleeping problems

Herbs can help with chronic fatigue, exhaustion, burnout and sleeping problems. Read more here.